Autumn knits

20121019-111200 AM.jpg

Would you look at that, I seem to be wearing a hat again! I made this yesterday using Cygnet chunky in navy and jade & like it so much I think it’s a keeper 🙂

When I first started crocheting, all I’d use was chunky and for the last few months I’ve mainly been working in DK or smaller. However, this cygnet chunky seems to have broken me out of my DK rut & I’m loving the speed and comfort of working with this yarn. I’ve got a whole heap of owl hat orders to do & I strongly suspect the chunky will feature quite heavily… I wonder how many different colours of it I can use before Christmas?!

Today, I’m also wearing a jumper made with Cygnet DK in Cadbury purple, though it looks a bit blue here. I’ve no idea of the pattern & I didn’t made it but it’s one of my favourite jumpers, and so easy to wash too!! I’ve teamed that with dark denim skinny jeans, black biker boots & my lovely hat 😀


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