A brief trip to the Dark Side

20121027-095715 PM.jpg

Would you look at that. A scarf. Made with King Cole Gypsy Chunky. A scarf that I knitted myself. Yep. Knitted.

I’m not really sure what came over me to be honest, but there I was, in the shop (Knit Nottingham) & I asked Eleanor to show teach me the basics.

Cast on 20. I liked that. One needle & my fingers, felt like crocheting. Then a basic knit stitch. Ok, so I hold the needle I’m working with in one hand, just like my hook, and the yarn in the other, just like crochet. But wait!! In that hand with my yarn, I have to hold a needle containing all of my stitches. What!? How on earth?

Goodness knows how but I worked it out, and managed to knit a scarf using two balls on the green/purple colour way in the gypsy and 12mm needles. I dropped a few stitches & increased a few times somehow, but it was ok.. In actual fact it was better than my first ever attempt at a crochet scarf. Mr TH has that & wears it with great pride. There’s no way he’s getting this one though, this is my cosy beauty ❤


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