Three Little Hearts

I think love is well and truly in the air at Truly Hooked headquarters as I felt inspired to create a few little goodies for Valentines Day… it’s only a month away after all!

I had some lovely pink cygnet superwash left over from a previous project and after a few minutes of tinkering about, I managed to make a few teeny little hearts, which I should have taken a picture of, but I didn’t. Silly lady. Anyway, I used some lovely aran that my partners grandma gave to me last week to make a little rectangle with a teeny bit of shaping at the end. Again, no picture. Rubbish.

A bit of sewing, and a button later, and voila… a romantic mug cosy for your loved one.


Another little heart, this time using some leftover red diploma gold, worked itself into a cute bookmark…


and a bit more of it became another bookmark, this time to sit in the corner of the page rather than the centre. How clever is that! I have to give credit to Marvellous Eleanor for the idea though, thanks Chicken!


In other news, I’ve been knitting some fairisle today, more of those smutty deer, and I’ve crocheted two pairs of boob hats. Marvellous. I’ve also been browsing for some new crochet hooks and found these…


aren;t they just stunning!! They’re from PolymerClayCreations on Etsy and I’m just going to have to get some when i’ve made some more money & don’t have piles of yarn to buy! I really need to figure out how to get hyperlinks to work… I thought I’d cracked it but it seems not. Hmmm. Must do more tinkering.

Happy Hooking!


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