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Another little idea popped into my head last night so while the little one naps, I’ve had a go & photographed each stage so you can try too.

You need to know how to chain (ch), slip stitch (ss) and half treble crochet (htc) oh and double crochet (dc) too. Its super easy & uses up little scraps of yarn. Ive used bits of dk with a 3.5mm hook to keep the stitches small. You’ll also need a teeny bit of toy stuffing.

The colours you chose really dont matter, but you’ll probably want some black for the eye and yellow for the beak and legs. Ready? !


First ever photo tutorial… here goes!

Start by making 3 chain stitches & joining them into a circle with a slip stitch. Ive used the point of my needle to show you where the hole is you now need to work into.  Tip: you might need to pull your stitches apart slightly to see the hole.


Now, chain 2 and work 9 half trebles into the centre hole we just talked about. Join with a slip stitch into the second chain you made.


Im going to change colour, so fasten off & snip your yarn, leaving a little tail.
Join your new colour and make two chain stitches.

Now work one htc into the same stitch (at the bottom of the chains). Make your way around the circle working two htc in eaxh stitch & join with a ss as before.

tip:as you work your way round you can ‘catch’ the tails left by your yarn so you don’t have to sew them in when you’re done.

Round 3: ch 2 and htc in the same stitch, then htc once in each of the next 2 stitches. You then need to repeat *2 htc, htc, htc* until you get to the end & join with a skip stitch. So each time you see 2htc you do two stitches in the same place. This is also called an increase.

Fasten off & snip yarn


Add your next colour, ch2, htc in that stitch and then work a htc in each of the next three stitches before increasing, continue *htc, htc, htc, 2htc* to the end of the round & join with a ss.

Round 5: is exactly the same as the previous round but you need to do four htc between each increase.

Continue adding a stitch between each increase on each subsequent round and changing colours until you reach your desired size. I did another 2 rows & left it at that.


tip when you fasten off your last round, leave a long tail and you can use it to sew up your bird.

Now, using your yellow yarn, cut 3 pieces approx 12 cms long. Tie a knot a couple of cms down & plait the strands, knotting about 2 cms from the bottom. Repeat this so you have two legs.

To make the beak. Chain 2 and double crochet into the first chain. Turn and increase into the first stitch, double crochet into the next stitch. Turn and increase again so you have 5 stitches in total.

Now decrease at the start of the next row by pulling the yarn through each of the first two stitches, and leaving the loops on the hook. You should have three loops to pull your yarn through. This can be written as dec2tog in patterns.

Continue to decrease until you have on stitch left. Fasten off & leave a tail. Fold in half and sew around the edge. You might want to stuff a miniscule amount of stuffing inside using the end of your hook before you seal it completely. Ta daa, a little beak!

(I did take a picture of the beak but technology has failed me and its vanished. Grrr.)

Fold your circle in half and stitch the two legs firmly to one side at the bottom.

Using the tail you left, begin to sew your bird together, making sure you shove in some stuffing before you close it up. Weave in any ends.

Sew on the beak, weaving in any ends and add a stitch or two on either side in black to make the eyes.

Voilà, a little birdy! Ive added a loop to mine by chaining about 25 stitches and sewing in firmly to the top of the bird.


I’ll admit, Its not come out quite as beautifully as I’d have liked, but that can be easily rectified with a little less stuffing, a smaller beak and some better eyes! It really is all in the detail 🙂

I hope that was easy enough to follow, do let me know if you have any problems or need anything explaining more clearly. I;d love to read your feedback and I’d love to see what you make.

Small print: This pattern can be used for gifts, for yourself or for charity but please don’t sell anything you make using the pattern, or sell the pattern itself. Thank you. 


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