Cute critters

Ive been bitten by the amigurumi bug this week and seem to be making teeny little mammals. Maybe I’ve been inspired by watching Africa…. am I the only one who thinks David Attenborough must be the coolest grandad?

Anyway, my partner bought me jungle creatures pattern book for christmas and asked me to make him this one ♥


Its made using the violet colourway of bamboo cotton by King Cole, which is great value with a good yardage, smooth & light to use but has a tendency to split so avoid if you’re new to crocheting. It makes lovely garments as it has a beautiful drape and is easily washable so great for kids stuff. The washablity makes it perfect for things like dishcloths, washcloths, burpcloths or even placemats!

Heres a couple of different examples, one using a ripple pattern and the other using spike stitches, both in cerise & white colourways.


I also used some cygnet superwash in pink & cream to create a conglomeration of the two. Isnt this the cutest lovey you’ve ever seen?


I love using a smaller hook to make these, but the only thing im struggling with is keeping the stitches really without it causing cramp in my hands. Its important to do because otherwise when you stuff your critter, it’ll push the stitches out & the padding will show. You have to be careful not to overstuff for the same reason. No doubt ill figure it out with more practice!


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