Do you ever get a day when you’re suddenly full of ideas about things you want to make but you can’t decide  what you want to do first? I seem to be having that this week. Honestly, it’s like a permanent lightbulb moment in my head this week! I constantly seem to be stopping what Im doing to jot down an idea on one of my many lists. Madness.

Part of the problem is Eleanor. She’s a marvellous woman, owner of Knit Nottingham where I get the majority of my yarns and spend a lot of my time if I’m not at home with child 1. She decided this week to have a sale – she’s replacing a range of acrylic yarn with another (better) range of acrylic yarn so bargain were to be had.

And oh, dear readers, bargains did I get!

Would you like to see what I’ve bought?

Here goes:

First off, I knew I wanted to make cushion covers. We acquired a couple of cushion pads this week at Ikea, so covers needed to be made. These three beauties happened to fall into my hands…


and, when put into a slightly different order, made me feel all excited. Its Cygnet DK in the grey, dark grey and bottle green colourways. Beauts.


After a little bit of pondering, I decided to do one cushion with a ripple pattern on one side, and with a big granny square on the other side. The second will be made of small granny squares on one side, and the other side I’ve not decided on yet, so progress there has stalled.

SO, heres some progress shots for you…



and the completed cushion… even my son (22 months) said it was ‘dead good’!!




Don’t those ripples look wonderful!!

BUT.. thats not all I got in the sale, oh no. Heres some more cygnet, in white, red, bright orange, sunshine, emerald and navy. The purple & magenta are from the new Pricewise range (which has replaced the Cygnet).


I was thinking about ripples, alternating white with a colour in the order of a rainbow, but after sleeping on it, I had another idea..

I started off with these


and had a go at joining as I went along


Very pleased with that. Took me a while of sitting and figuring it out – I was very tired when I tried – but I cracked it and now I have this…


Still a few more rows to go. I think I’m going to do 5 rows altogether and then a nice border so it fits the small ones bed. But we’ll see once I get to that stage. Good old Eleanor and her sale. Marvellous.

Oh and I got new shoes. Pink Doc Martens of all things. A birthday present from my sister. I love them. Everyone else in my life doesn’t. But, I need some legwarmers that math them so I got some Regia sock yarn in the papillion colourway. I’m halfway through the second one, so hopefully you’ll get an action shot soon! For know though, you’ll just have to look at my amazing shoes. Sorry Eleanor.


Thanks for reading & happy hooking!









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