Wooly wooly wool

Well its happened. Ive got the hand dyed yarn bug. Im absolutely loving dying my own at the moment, its so exciting seeing how its going to turn out & playing with new colours ♥ These lovely colourways have been dyed up using shop bought food colouring and Patons Diploma Gold DK in cream. The picture on the top has become a circular oven cloth and is used daily in my kitchen! The pair of skeins at the bottom have been dyed especially for a project which ill share with you all soon, keep your eyes out for that!


After I had a go with some inexpensive yarn & felt comfortable with the process, I tried using some organic merino aran amd good colouring again and I created something im really very proud of. I even decided to name them! The pink one is Rose Blush and the blue/green one is called Rip Curl.


Just look how vibrant they are!!!

The pink one obviously needed to be something girly and what better than a newborn sized skirtie


Isnt it just the cutest little thing?!

And this is what I did with Rip Curl


A gorgeous, super soft soaker for my sons birthday next month ♥

Hand dyed yarn really is lovely to work with. It’s sort of bittersweet to know that every skein is unique & can never be exactly replicated.  Luscious Little Somethings do the most beautiful yarn I’ve seen, in such gorgeous colourways.  These longies for a customer were created using organic merino aran in ‘under current’. I love the delicate hints of green and the splashes of purple.  It really does make me think of being in water & takes me back to my childhood where all I did was swim!


And while im sharing wooly goodness,  this was another customer order this week ♥


Im feeling so inspired by colour after the last 10 days or so & I’m itching to get dying some more, especially for making nappy covers. There’s so many incredible colourways out there, I’m discovering new ones all the time, and I’d love to have someone blog about mine someday. .

Happy hooking everyone!



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