Galactic orbits

A few weeks ago, marvellous Eleanor showed me a pattern, a beautiful pattern from ElevenHandmade (, which I immediately added to my favourites over on Ravelry ( I pondered it for some time, wondering if such a garment would suit me and what yarn I should do it in. One day this week, inspiration hit and I was like a red rag to a bull. Armed with my hook and the newly purchased pattern I was ready for a couple of days worth of hardcore hooking.

The yarn I chose was in my stash already. Its Rowan Cashsoft 4 ply ( in the thunder colourway, a yarn i’d never normally buy as I think Rowan is unjustifiably expensive, but I picked up a lot of it in a winter sale over the New Year. Although the pattern is written for yarns larger than a DK, I felt confident enough in my ability to modify, shoukd it come out smaller than I needed. Im quite a skinny thing, so I wasn’t too concerned (she says, with fingers and toes crossed that it would turn out ok!)

The pattern ( is SO clever. It starts at the left armpit & you work in the round for a few rows to make the shoulder,


then in rows forwards & backwards across the neckline, joining again and doing a few more rows to create the other shoulder.


Every row you work is different so theres no way of getting bored whilst working on it, and the increasing is so subtle you dont even realise its happening, in fact on some rows you increase and decrease repeatedly.. dont think about that too much as itll make your head hury, just follow the pattern & trust that it works! As long as you read each line carefully so you know if you’re joining or turning then you cant go wrong 🙂

This section in particular is just stunning. I love how the really lacy bit looks like cupcakes!


Here it is from another angle..


Once you’ve made the second shoulder you work a beautiful lattice section to join the body up under the armpit, before fastening off & rejoining to work more into the body of the top. Heres a close up of the lattice bit, isn’t that just gorgeous!


Once I’d completed the pattern (, I put my work onto Betty, my beloved dressmakers model, and stared for a while to figure out what to do next.


I knew I wouldnt wear it as it was. Dont get me wrong, this is a stunning design and I have to give all the credit to the amazing designer.. Eleven Handmade ( but I needed to add my own touch to it. After a good nights sleep and a bit of gardening with my mum, I grabbed another ball of yarn & my trusty hook and kept going. I picked out bits of the pattern that I thought looked good, and repeated them adding a further 18 rows to the original top.


A little light blocking overnight, and this was the result…


Would you like to see what it looks like on a real person? You’ll have to forgive the self-taken reflection picture!


The more I look at it, the more I think this bit is so so clever. Eleanor says its her favourite bit… its as the large circles start to move across the front, and the stitches underneath them become longer and longer. Its such an ingenious way of adding shape to something


Just look at it!!!


and, the best best thing about it, is that both sides are the same so it doesn’yt matter if you put it on back to front, because there is no front. Excellent news, when you often get dressed at 6am after very little sleep..



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