Spring Flowers Granny Blanket

A couple of weeks ago, I had a message from a lady asking me if i could make a blanket for her daughter. She had actually been in touch with Marvellous Eleanor over at Knit Nottingham, but she was too busy working on her won secret projects, so pointed the lady in my direction. Thanks Chicken!! What she wanted was a single bed sized blanket with daisy centred ‘holey squares’. She’d found a picture reference for me so I knew exactly what she had in mind, and gave me an idea of colours. She knew she wanted it to be made in the King Cole Pricewise, a great choice for blankets as its inexpensive and the fact that tis acrylic means its both machine washable and tumble dryable.

I chose white and yellow for the daisy centres, two shades of pink, a light blue, alight green, a lilac and a coralish red. I forgot to take a picture before I started, but these are the colours with a couple of squares already started.



Once I’d done the first few and measured them, I worked out that I would need 48 altogether, 8 of each colour. So I got to work..



It was quite nice every now and again to lay them out and see how they would look. I should add that each square would be edged in white, but that would be done as I joined them together…



And I kept on going..



and then I was done!!



The next job was to start joining. The wonderful Lucy from Attic 24 has a great tutorial on how to join as you go here: http://attic24.typepad.com/weblog/joining-asyougo-sqaures.html My method is pretty similar, and on this blanket I worked a double crochet between each cluster to join the squares.


Lets have a look shall we?! Eleanors foot  decided to photobomb… and mine too. I’ll let you guess whose is whose!



Another ball of white yarn later, all 48 squares were joined. Doesn’t it look lovely!!



For the edging, I worked in half treble crochet, alternating white with one of the 6 colours used in the blanket, and I decided to end it on pink rather than on a final white row. I think that made it seem just that little bit more girly ❤


I sewed all the ends in, and stuck it in the wash, as it had been laid out on many a floor & my cat had definitely sat on it a few times. I discovered after washing it that I’d stupidly snipped the ends from the centre round of yellow without weaving them in properly, so a couple had started to disintegrate. A few swear words and a bit of rescue sewing later, all was saved, and I decided to unpick and reinforce every centre just incase any more worked themselves apart. Because the squares are joined one at a time, if the worst happened and it fell apart, then only the one square would need replacing.. but its unlikely that will happen for a good few years yet!



Sadly, I don’t have a single bed, so I put it over my sofa to take a final picture before sending it off to the lady & her daughter.



A day or so later, I had a message in my inbox with a picture of the blanket in situ at its new home, with the message ‘its extraordinary mummy!!” I tell you what, the best thing about this job, is the lovely lovely messages I get from happy customers, and the great pictures they send of themselves enjoying their Truly Hooked goodies. How about I stop rambling and show you!




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