An epic update.

Gosh! It’s been a while since I blogged! Two months is a pretty disappointing effort really. In my defence, I’ve been SO busy!

I had lots of orders after the last blog, some of which were pretty straightforward, others were much more interesting and challenging, and following the promotion I did during Real Nappy Week in April, things went MENTAL.

Just look at all the beautiful longies and soakers that fell off my hook that fortnight….


It was so mental in fact that I had my busiest two weeks EVER, even busier than the christmas period, and I thought that was busy! I have to thank all my wonderful customers for their orders, and for sharing my work with their friends, after all, a small business like mine really does rely on word of mouth. So THANK YOU to all of you, for your likes, comments, shares and of course your support. (soppy moment over, promise).

I’ve also been obsessively dying yarn. I really do enjoy it so much. Almost as much as crocheting, but not quite. My technique is pretty simple really. Stick some yarn in a pot, add a couple of colours and see what happens. I do need to start being a little bit more scientific with it though, so I can replicate colourways properly, but the thought of having to weigh out dyes before bunging them in doesn’t really appeal to me. What do you think, oh lovely customers? Would you rather have a series of one off colourways, or a regular range that I can keep adding to, or maybe a bit of both!? I’m planning on putting in a HUGE order at the end of June so I can make the most of the warm weather (I hope) and get it al dry in the garden. I’ve lost of ideas for coloursways, I just hope they turn out on the wool how they do in my head!!

Heres a few of the colourways I’ve developed over the last couple of months, I’m really really pleased with them… and I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it was using lots of my own handdyed yarn to make longies and soakers during nappy week. Talk about rewarding!







After the success of RNW, I treated myself to some very special custom made hooks by the very talented Nicola at Fleabubs. You can find her on facebook here:

I asked her to make me some purple and green hooks, with the handle at a different angle to how she usually makes them (thats because I hold my hook like a weirdo, I get told ALL the time that it looks weird, many crocheters think I’m knitting because it looks so odd to them – it works great for me though, whatever it is I’m doing!) AND i asked her if she could squeeze my business name on the back of the hooks, to make them truly special and unique to me… well look what she came up with ❤



I should also admit to working on a few projects of my own. I gave my hooky hand a rest and picked up some knititng needles instead to join in with a Knit Along (KAL) currently taking place across Ravelry and instagram. Those of you who use instagram, if you search for greatdividekal you’ll see the most amazing pictures of all the shawls being knitted up throughout May. The pattern is on Ravelry here and is well worth the couple of pounds. Its really easy to do, just a 4 row repeat, which is SO simple and flows really nicely once you’ve memorised it. I did it using some King Cole Haze DK that I got from the marvellous Knit Nottingham ages ago (thats the turquoise colour) and I matched it with some hand dyed sock yarn by A Stash Addict ( in her beautiful Ohh Laa Laa colourway. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how the two different yarns looked together. What do you think??


Another project for myself, was a crocheted dress using a FREE pattern from the AMAZING Eleanor at Knit Nottingham.

The pattern is here:

and I made it using King Cole Bamboo cotton which you can find here:

I used the navy, cobalt and denim colourways… LOOK!!


I also have another very very special work in progress that I’ll be revealing later in the year…. and IT DOESN’T INVOLVE WOOL. NOT A BIT. Well, there will be wool involved one the WIP is finished, but I’m not using ANY wool to make it. Betchya wanna know now don’t you?!?! its a secret, so you’ll just have to wait and see 😀

Thats all for now, I promise to back very soon, with a free pattern for you, and some more news about the things I’ve been working on.


Happy hooking




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