Time for Tea

Earlier in the year one of my customers got in touch with a very special request for her daughters birthday. She knew exactly what she wanted but also gave me a bit of scope to add my own stamp to the project.

Over the next few weeks it all came together & it was great fun posting little teasers on my instagram and Facebook pages.

The first thing I made was this, a cute little cup & saucer.

Another cup and the beginnings of the tea pot came next


Followed by more cups, plates, a sugarbowl and some biscuits.


this little too the teaser went down well on facebook & everyone started to get quite excited.


Then I tackled some tiny cupcakes, which, like all the other element, came with their own challenges, anf. I finished the teapot, adding some flower decorations.


Then suddenly, then suddenly, the tea service was done. A teapot and cups, a milk jug, sugarbowl complete with sugar lumps and a spoon to serve them.


Adding the plates, sandwiches, cakes and biscuits really made the tea set come to life, and the additional picnic blanket made it the perfect play set for any child.


It was one of those projects that I was excited about the whole way through because every element was different and required a bit of thought to get it right. I was SO pleased with the finisjed result and I had some great feedback from the lady who ordered it too.

One day there will be a pattern for this, I just need to find the time to make another!!


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