A business event at a posh house

Last week, marvellous Eleanor (bff, yarn guru and all local celebrity) texted me in her usual excitable manner to tell me I was going with her to an event next friday, where we had to dress smartly (us, smart?) and would get a free lunch. Brill, I thought. Free food is always a good thing. As I learned more, it transpired this event would feature various local MP’s, representatives from Police Commissions and the city council, as well as other small business owners in the region. Ah. I thought. This could be one of those things where I just feel really awkward a day and make an epic tit of myself when someone tries to speak to me. Eleanor had been asked to give a talk on policing for small businesses, and I wanted to be there to support her, so I sucked up all my fears, put on a nice frock (shoved some emergency knitting in my bag) and off I went.

We met in Starbucks before hand for coffee and some relaxing knitting while we waited for a taxi and discussed our plan for the day – if theres booze, get drunk, try not to make a tit out of ourselves in front of anyone, and if in doubt, just sit down and knit).

Then we hopped into a taxi and off we went to Colwick Hall, me trying to keep Eleanor calm by chatting about absolute rubbish, and Eleanor looking paler and more anxious the closer we got. And then we were there, cue gasps from Eleanor ‘oh my god Vezza look at it!’ Shes right though, look at it…

981101_10100755767569528_655270865_o                                  981749_10100755767464738_45323368_o

So, we went in and found where we were meant to be going.. now is the point where i should probably say that the event was for the Federation of Small Businesses (of which Eleanors business http://www.knitnottingham.co.uk/ is a member) and was to get lots of local businesses, and policy makers together to discuss the issues we face as small business owners in and around the city.


Once we’d collected our name badges, which we agreed makes it a proper posh official event, we went outside so She could have a fag and we could take some pictures then suddenly the lady who had greeted us came running out to say that Eleanor had to go and do some filming. ‘Bloody hell, what filming?’ As if she wasn;’t flustered enough, we were then ushered into a room containing not one but THREE FIT men. I wasn’t sure if they were fit but we consulted with one another afterwards and agreed they were fit. (Their business also part of the FSB is here: https://twitter.com/AffariMedia ). Ever the professional though, Eleanor gave a rousing interview for whatever it was they wanted, and looked dead good in the process. Annoyingly, you can’t see the fit man because the light was coming through the window too much.


After that was over, we went and found THE BEST toilets in the history of the world ever. We jumped up and down and screamed like overexcited teenagers. Bit embarassing if anyone heard us, but seriously, wouldn’t you scream if the bathrooms looked like this?!


There was an ENORMOUS mirror


and thrones. Actual thrones. Which matched my beautiful bag perfectly.

981858_10100755767883898_1712731268_o     921096_10100755768063538_1121198053_o    966555_10100755767978708_818822449_o

and I snapped this pic of Eleanor which I think she looks amazing, but she was just messing about when we took it!


Anyway, we went back down to the reception room and more people had gathered. We had our picture taken by a photographer, and i joked that it might be for the societies pages of Nottingham Life magazine or something (watch my mum ring me next month to ask why I’m on the societies page of the nottingham life magazine) and then felt really awkward so sat down and got some wool out… we probably looked a bit antisocial, but actually a few people came over to chat to us, the photographer took more pictures of us, and throughout the day it gave people a bit of icebreaker, which was great. Just goes to show that yarn should always be in the hands of a woman whose business depends on the stuff. We were also sat in front of a huge cabinet of champagne which made us feel a bit giddy… it was three times the size of this, and went across the whole wall of the room. Beauts, we said.


We sat out in the garden briefly so local celebrity and guest speaker Eleanor could compose herself (have another fag) and took some more pictures of the building and grounds. It looks SO much better from the back than the front.

967149_10100755769400858_595639378_o    977702_10100755768268128_736231602_o

Then it was time for the presentation. In we went, and after listening to a few other people whose names escape me ( and to be honest I didn’t really listen too because I was more concerned about keeping Eleanors phone on the right screen so i could film her). She was brill. I felt like a proud mother. She was worried that she came across a bit ranty, but she was funny and passionate, and got her point across so well that all throughout dinner people came to talk to her about it, including Gedling MP Vernon Croaker who texted Paddy Tipping, Head of Nottinghamshire Police Commission, saying that her must phone her!! Such a celeb that woman. The video, if you want to see it, is on her blog, here: http://knit-nottingham.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/fannying-about-in-front-of-proper.html


Then it was lunchtime, in this lovely dining room


and lets be honest, that was the only reason we went to begin with.

980569_10100755768552558_8137899_o 977097_10100755768692278_966541063_o 976998_10100755768916828_2065649694_o

Very nice thankyou. Especially the chocolate fondant. No booze though, but there was some lime cordial which I seem to be really enjoying at the moment, and some orange cordial which Eleanor thought was orange juice and nearly poured herself a whole glass of. We were sat with an MP, Mark Spencer, who is MP for Sherwood and he was talking about spinning yarn and whether Eleanor did it. He said he had two alpacas that needed shearing and wanted somewhere to give the fleeces too. Well I jumped at the chance of having those! I don’t spin, yet, but the thought of getting hold of something like that for free was very exciting. So I gave him my card (which has pictures of crocheted boobs on it, really professional) and he said he’d be in touch. Boom.

Then it was all done, and we left without saying goodbye to anyone, but to be fair, a lot of people didn’t say goodbye, lots of them left before the desert was even served. Silly people. We had a nice stroll down the little garden and found that the water there was SO clear.. like tapwater almost. You’d think we’d never seen water before the way we were staring at it.


We took a few pics of the new bag Eleanor had finished making, which are to go on the pattern that shes writing up asap.

474785_10100755771581488_15689495_o      981255_10100755769750158_1947513228_o


And then we walked through some woods in the dappled sunlight

965692_10100755770109438_1197264526_o 977096_10100755770299058_721699957_o 980998_10100755770468718_583157279_o

and found a hidden away tower.


There was another lake that we walked round for a bit,

 920979_10100755771007638_904605143_o      981814_10100755771212228_465843974_o

and then it all got a bit much so we sat by the side of the road waiting for our taxi back to town.


All in all, an excellent day. A nice meal, and lots of fun in the sun with my mate. Brill.


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